Photographer by passion

My portraits are more telling about me than they are about the people I photograph.  #Richard Avedon#

Cornel Krämer - the man behind the lens


First of all: I am not a professional photographer, but a hobby photographer with professional standards. By this I mean that I do not earn my living with photography, but it is my passion, which has been with me since my childhood.


The first 30 years of my photographic work were limited to landscapes, animals and still lifes. I learned to see photographically. I was always looking for something visually special, for unusual objects and perspectives. At that time, however, a photographic object had not yet opened up to me: The human being! Apart from the fact that my little brother, when he was not yet able to walk and therefore could not escape, served me as a model, the photographs of human beings were limited to being used as staffage for a beautiful landscape. It was not until the turn of the millennium that I had the idea of taking more intensive photographic care of human beings. And human photography became my passion.