Beginning and end - Alpha and Omega

There are events in the book of life, they could be made up by an author and one could come to the opinion that the story could be a little too constructed. So also this one. But it is true! Written by life:

It was 44 years ago that I loaded my first 6*9 film with my first camera - an Agfa Gevabox - and took this photo. The stature of a Neanderthal. When this photo recently fell into my hands, the idea came up to photograph this stature again, from a similar perspective, of course, with today's technology. 


And the Neanderthal man had survived the times. At least the one made of stone! Even if he had to eke out his life somewhat lovelessly at the edge of the parking lot of the museum, he was recognizably the same one that I had captured on my first film 44 years ago.


...and here the story ends. And exactly at the place where I shot one of my first photos, I now shoot one of my last photos. External circumstances force me to give up my passion. And so the circle of my photographic life story closes almost like in a novel. Take care, all of you out there!

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