Stop The War - People in trouble

While we firmly believed that the end of the pandemic was in sight and normality was returning, a war in Europe is keeping us all on tenterhooks. The suffering of the people in Ukraine is brought before our eyes on a daily basis and it touches one in particular. There have always been warlike atrocities somewhere in the world, but now the killing is happening just 2 hours away by plane. You can't go back to business as usual. Business as usual is passé for now. 


It's hard to plan photo projects and pretend that normality prevails. Seeing daily suffering blocks my creativity. By the way, the header of my page is adorned by a Ukrainian model and not only since the beginning of the war. She was on a shooting tour in the Rhineland when the war broke in and the ways back to her home country were blocked. Accommodation in a refugee home was the result. To supplement her pocket money she is looking for shooting assignments. If you are interested, you can contact her via Instagram marisense_model. You can get a first impression about the model via my blog post