Finally - 1st photowalk after the pandemic break

The following beforehand: I still found the camera shutter release. :-) For months I was forced to deal with my archive. Photo shoots were out of the question because of Corona. However, this also had something good. I was able to improve my knowledge and skills in photo post-processing. But at some point, the urge to finally go on a photographic stalk again awoke. And when the conditions allowed a photo shoot again, I asked Jessica if she would like to celebrate this photographic restart with me in the form of a photowalk.  My aim was to shoot authentic-looking pictures of this pretty young woman. For this I reduced my equipment to two fast fixed focal lengths and asked Jessica to behave as naturally as possible. And it was a perfect walk. Jessica is not a model and nevertheless, or maybe because of that, pictures came out as I had imagined them. Thank you Jessica for this afternoon.