Photowalk in Gent with Khiara

A rainy day in Gent/Belgium


Firstly, I wrote this post in English to give my model Khiara the chance to understand my story.

Secondly, English is not my native language, therefore I apologize for possible mistakes.


I saw Khiara for the first time in a video on the German FotoTV. Spontaneously I had the idea to organize a shooting with her following the idea of Michael Gnade, a famous German photographer of the 60s. He did a trip with a model to Prague and he took amazing pictures like a street photographer which means that the photographs should mirror an authentic look. And for such a shooting I was searching for a model with character. 


I met Khiara at a rainy day in Gent - the location instead of Prague. She is a professional, very engaged model with acting skills. The cloudy sky worked as a perfect softbox, the biggest softbox on earth. ;-)  So, the pre-requites were perfect except the rain and the temperature.


Independently of the result of the shooting, we spend a nice day together. We had fun, without losing our target. And after a four hour's walk through Gent, I had taken about 400 shots.


Only  extract of the photographs you can see below. I thank Khiara for her perfect performance and my wife for her brilliant support.